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Alder successfully serves and protects his tens of thousands of clients and has been doing so for nearly a decade. Their vision is to provide customers with the highest quality security, personal protection and home automation products that give them the freedom to live their lives with confidence. Alder’s significant year-over-year growth is attributed to its high level of customer satisfaction. Alder trains its sales staff to employ the highest ethical and compliance standards.

With more than eighty thousand Alder customers, a recognized consumer complaint firm has received fewer than 60 unsubstantiated complaints related to advertising and sales practices (equivalent to one complaint per 1,500 customers, or a customer satisfaction rating of 99. 99%), 100% of which have been resolved. Along with that, Alder believes to something which only makes the customer fully satisfied of the work as well.

Alder has several benefits as a home security service. Unlike most security companies, Alder does not perform a credit check to set up a home security system. They also offer free professional installation, a DIY installation option, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. You will only pay for your equipment the first time you purchase it, as there system comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Alder’s mission is short and simple: “To provide the best in home security, home automation, and medical alert services.”

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